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2017 Guest Celebrity Peter Brock

The Pacific NW Historics welcomes Peter Brock to the Pacific Raceways as our 2017 guest Celebrity on June 30- July2. Peter is world renowned for his automotive design work starting with the Chevrolet Corvette, forming the Daytona Cobra Coupe, running a winning Trans-Am racing Team, designing engines, and world class photography. With his fascinating history, Brock has become a popular speaker, sharing his stories and answering questions from enthusiasts that can’t get over how much he has accomplished in one lifetime. In a recent interview with Jay Leno, the popular TV host exclaimed; “Before I met you I knew what you’d done, but I thought you were 117 years old!” Brock is a crowd pleaser wherever he goes. He will be signing autographs and greeting attendees to the races in the Featured Car Display tent from Friday afternoon through Sunday.

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