Ride shotgun in a BMW PRO3 Race Car Ride shotgun in a BMW PRO3 Race Car and experience five exciting laps around the road course at Kent’s Pacific Raceways during the annual Pacific Northwest Historics Vintage Races on July 2 and 3. A Group of PRO3 cars fitted with second race seats will provide rides with top speeds over 100 MPH and cornering G forces over 1.0 on the 2.25 mile 10-turn road racing course. If you enjoy big roller coasters this life-time experience will thrill you!

If you’ve ever dreamed of riding in a real race car, this is your chance! These race simulation rides will take place at Noon on on Saturday and Sunday, July 2 and 3, 2016, during a break in official racing. Participants will be fitted in the PRO3 car’s second racing seat and secured in a 5-point safety harness. The excitement begins with a warm up lap leading to a race formation for an exciting green flag start! Passengers will experience three speedy laps in close formation with the other PRO3 race cars, which will simulate the back and forth of position changes similar to a real race. After passing the checkered flag the final cool down lap will allow you to wave to turn workers and thousands of fans lining the circuit.

Participants must be 18 year or older and will be required to wear long sleeve shirts, full length pants and closed-toed shoes. Helmets will be provided.

Space is limited. To register or to obtain additional information please contact Elna Duffield (206) 779-5046 or elna@pnwhistorics.com.

Demonstration rides cost $250 and all proceeds benefit Seattle Children’s Hospital.

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