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2014 Pacific Northwest

Karting Challenge

Welcome to the fifth annual Pacific Northwest Historics Karting Challenge. The first four years were absolutely amazing and we raised an astonishing $172,000. Each year the teams battle it out on the track to raise funds for Seattle Children’s Hospital and you never know who will be participating next to you. The last couple of years we’ve had Indy 500 driver Dominic Dobson, and 24 hours of Daytona driver Don Kitch Jr. out on the track racing. The Karting Challenge takes place on the Friday before the Pa c i f i c No r t hwe s t Hi s t o r i c Ra c e s a t PGP Motorsports Park.

There are 25 teams participating to win the championship helmet trophy. There are two ways to get your team’s name on the trophy. The first and most prestigious way is to raise the most amount of money and the second is to actually win the go-kart race. We encourage each team to raise at least $2,000 per team. Every team must have four drivers, and each driver must do at least one lap around the track. In one breath we could say that this race lasts a whopping two hours, but in the next, we can tell you it goes by in the blink of an eye. With all the action happening on the track, plus the excitement in the pits, there is never a dull moment. It’s never too early for you to begin planning your kart team for next year’s sixth Karting Challenge. Perhaps it will be your name on the coveted trophy! Who will be honored this year? Visit the SOVREN Guild Facebook page for to find out! All karting proceeds benefitting Seattle Children’s Hospital. Through your support the patients at Children’s are the real winners.

If you’d like to make a last minute donation to a karting team, please visit: http://www.razoo.com/team/2014kartingchallenge

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