The SOVREN Guild was formed in 1991 to join with SOVREN (Society of Vintage Racing Enthusiasts) to produce and present the Pacific Northwest Historics Vintage Car Race as a benefit for Seattle Children’s Hospital’s uncompensated care. Its main roles include promoting the Historics, securing sponsorship, advertisers, vendors, in-kind and monetary donations, coordinating over 250 volunteers, and planning the majority of the hospitality events during the race weekend. For more information about SOVREN click here.


The SOVREN Guild consists of over 85 members, both men and women, who are involved in the many aspects of the Pacific Northwest Historics, from media relations to graphic design to paddock and infield control– whatever fits their lifestyles and interests. The members range in age from under 20 to over 70 years of age. There are no age requirements. Many of our members live on the Eastside and the Greater Seattle area. Membership is open, and we have positions for all interests. For more information please inquire here.

The members of the Guild provide for many of the services at the events. The members form committees to handle the necessary planning and execution that make each event a spectacular success.

In 2016, the SOVREN Guild will have raised over $10 million for uncompensated care at Seattle Children’s since its inception.  Since the guild joined SOVREN in presenting the Historics, the annual fundraising for the Hospital has increased from $7,500 in 1990 to $365,000 in 2016.

Volunteer Hours
The SOVREN Guild has contributed thousands of volunteer hours to Children’s since 1991. Community support plays an important part in the success of Children’s and volunteer hours are used by the hospital when applying for funding grants. To learn more about volunteer opportunities click here.

KEPA: The 8th Annual Pacific Northwest Historics was awarded the 1996 King County Events Producers Award (KEPA) for the best sports event in its budget category for all of King County.

1997 Children’s Hospital Guild Association CHAIRMAN’S AWARD: The SOVREN Guild was presented the Seattle Children’s Hospital Guild Association “Chairman’s Award” in 1997 for its outstanding contributions to Children’s Hospital.

Seattle Children’s Hospital Anna Clise Award for Outstanding Individual Volunteerism has been presented to the following members of the SOVREN Guild:

1994 – Elna Duffield
1995 – Tom Armstrong
1998 – Judy Buckingham
1999 – Don Kitch
2000 – Nancy Schenck
2004 – Chuck and Nancy Holmes
2009 – Debbie Haley

Seattle Children’s Hospital Guild Association

The SOVREN Guild is one of more than 450 guilds in the Seattle Children’s Hospital Guild Association, which is comprised of nearly 8,000 members statewide. These guild members are bonded in a common interest– the desire to make children’s lives better. Seattle Children’s is committed to treating children with the most complex illnesses in the four-state region of Washington, Alaska, Montana and Idaho. As a result, Children’s is projecting this year’s need for uncompensated care to be over $123 million. Guilds play a critical role in supporting Children’s Hospital’s mission of providing the finest medical care available to all children of the Northwest regardless of their families’ ability to pay. Through their events and projects, guilds raise the money that helps make this mission a reality. Thank you for your support.

Guild membership information can be obtained from the Seattle Children’s Hospital Guild Association, (206) 987-2153.

GUILD PRESIDENT: Richard Zaineb and contact Blake Greene for membership or send email to Guild Membership

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